Il existe un système ontologique japonais complet appelé Sonzai 存在. On le traduit par Existence et représente plus particulièrement une entité, peu importe si cette dernière est énergétique, matérielle, physique et ou spirituelle.

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Shingon Texts

En Anglais

Document 1
Shingon Texts
Auteur: Kūkai

Translated from the Japanese (Taishō Volume 77, Numbers 2427, 2428, 2429, 2430, 2426) by Rolf W. Giebel

Document 2
The Mitsugonin Confession
The Illuminating Secret Commentary on the Five Cakras and the Nine Syllables
Auteur: Kakuban

Translated from the Japanese (Taishō Volume 79, Numbers 2527, 2514) by Dale A. Todaro

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Curing with Kaji

Document en anglais
Source: Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 32/1: 107–130 – 2005 Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture
Auteure: Pamela D. Winfield

The Shingon practice of kaji is generally understood to be a mutual empowerment of self and Buddha that occurs in esoteric interpenetration visualizations. This doctrinal definition however, neglects the important role that kaji has historically played as a hands-on healing technique. This paper examines some of the theoretical, practical, and historical dimensions of kaji, while also considering some of the modern-day claims of kaji practitioners and patients in contemporary Japan. Such an investigation not only expands our understanding of Japan’s religio-medical history, but also prompts our re-evaluation of the dominant discourses related to Chinese kanpō, Neo-Confucian, and Western European medicine.